Supply Chain Managment System

Our Product Supply Chain Management System is basically Production Planning Software, which Covers Following Modules

Yarn Module (Yarn Storage, Costing, Receive, Issue, Return and Reports)

Warping and Sizing Module (whole warping and sizing details, chemical Costing, reports)

Connectivity To Loom data System Module (Weaving Monitoring System, Weaving Plans, Beam Assignments)

Fabric Inspection and Quality Control Module (Production, Inspection, Folding, Packing, Dispatch of Fabric and detailed Fabric Reports)

Production Planning Module (Yarn Demands, Warp and Size Plans, Weaving Plans, Prep Plans against Customer order and Reports)

Tracking and Traceability (Track an Order, Fabric History)

Brief description of above modules must satisfy your requirements.

Supply Chain Management System is the major part of ERP. It is centralized database management system, it reduce the duplication of entries, work and it is integrated with your bipix (Financial, purchase, HR, General Store) system and along with integration we can say it the ERP. The main benefit of supply chain management system is integration with existing financial solution of bipix, production plan in terms preparatory plan, loom plan quality wise, order management, tracking traceability.

Detailed Descriptions of all Modules covered in SCM

  1. Yarn Module
  2. Warping and Sizing Module
  3. Connectivity to Weaving monitoring System (LDS)
  4. Fabric Inspection and Quality Control Module
  5. Production Planning Module
  6. Tracking and Trace ability