Before the year 2000 weaving sector of Pakistan monitor their weaving system manually, some Textile Mills were using imported Loom Data System (LDS) which was very costly, so INZ introduced a local solution for weaving monitoring. We are proud that INZ Technologies was the first Pakistani firm who manufactured LOOM DATA SYSTEM, which is completely developed in Pakistan observing the international standards. It is a big achievement for us that our LOOM DATA SYSTEM is approved by International Textile Machinery Association (ITMA).

INZ LOOM DATA SYSTEM is a computerized weaving monitoring system which can increase production and efficiency of all kinds of looms.

Our Product Loom Data System is installed and successfully working in various famous textile industries in Pakistan since many years.

Our Loom Data System has various different features which are helping the Textile Industries to solve the problems in weaving system.

Our Loom Data System can:

  • Increase Efficiency up to 10% in Projectile and up to 5% in Air Jets Looms
  • Maintain highest efficiency forever
  • Increase Production with same numbers of labor and Looms by increasing efficiency
  • Reduce your sizing cost
  • Utilize maximum RPM of loom with minimum stoppages
  • Produce A-Grade fabric through controlling Stoppages by Real Time System
  • Decrease wastage
  • Planning your mill with exact data
  • Online monitoring of loom shed from any where
  • Efficiency Report can be obtain just on one click
  • Show warp, weft, article, electrical, mechanical and other stoppages
  • Help to monitor the production efficiency in your office, home or anywhere
  • Help to monitor the status of each single Loom or group of Looms in a shed
  • Help to monitor the RPM of Looms